Sunday, July 12, 2009

the path of progress

Planting native drought resistant foliage along the upgraded northern path,

it will soon be mulched with the shredded clematis vine that was pulled off of the tea trees at the front gate.

The arch over the entrance to the garage was encrusted with the dried remains of old trumpet vine branches pruned back years ago. They've been pulled off now and I think it presents a pleasing and unobstructed series of arched lines.


Gretchen Joanna said... ARE going to make sure that that honeysuckle is dead dry before you put it there, right? I am finding out how invasive and sturdy--I always knew the beloved and aromatic part--the vine can be.

Mark said...

Thanks for the heads up...Jeannette corrects me; it is not honeysuckle, but clematis, so I've corrected the post. The cuttings are now a steaming pile of shredded fibers. Our chipper/shredder does such a fine job at making mulch.