Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tree Rock

After a lengthy hiatus from blogging, I am going to try to pick up where I left off and gradually catch things up a bit. Since the last post, there has been a lot of activity, with little energy left over for documenting it, but I notice that the blog gets just about the same number of views anyway.
I had wanted to upload some video of the tree cutting, but it just hasn't been successful as yet, so I've set that aside for the time being, with some video editing software procurement pending.
 To wrap up the tree cutting episode, I'll post these before and after photos of another pine I wanted to prune. This tree had a dead branch hanging over a corner of one of the greenhouse bedrooms, and is in so many photos that I felt the right thing to do was take the dead branches off.


I will try to post again in the very near future.


John said...

Wow, pruning those branches really let the light it! :~) Hope that wasn't you up there on the branch in the first picture.

Jeannette said...

Your Infrastructure repair and maintenance could never even come close to being documented...but it certainly is what keep things humming.

Mark said...

John, it was nice of the sun to come out for the "after" picture! I leave the serious tree climbing to the experts. That's me behind the camera.