Thursday, August 25, 2011

The work continues


Not many blog posts lately, but work has been continuous.
Oiling of window and door frames has been ongoing, and now only the last largest ones remain to be done.
The library window wall consists of a 5' x 8' casement window flanked by two sidelights, one of which is also a casement opening.

Typically, we sand the jamb (the frame surrounding the window sash or door), then remove the door or window to sand and oil it while it sits on saw horses. The jamb is oiled and things are then put back together.

Here, the two sidelights are finished while the center casement awaits completion.
Removing the 8' tall by 5' wide, 90 year old casement window from its hinges to place on saw horses is not a project to be undertaken lightly. In fact, even opening it to swing on old rusting hinges requires some lift to disengage it from its resting place on the Italian marble sill.
Instead, I decided to sand and oil it in place. But it must at least be opened about 16 inches or 20 degrees to allow the sander and oil to reach the edges of the frame that would otherwise be behind the jamb. Once I have it opened, I placed a block under the sash where it passes over a marble window seat to hold it firmly in place and support its weight.  I taped a tarp over the entire end of the room where the window seat is to keep the sanding dust out of the room. 

Sanding and oiling proceeds:

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