Monday, April 11, 2011

A clean foundation

Taking my cue from a recent discerning eye, I scrambled down the rock face of the foundation today with a rake and a hose to rinse off several years of accumulated dirt. You can see it especially at the ledge about 20 feet below the top of the wall.

Thickly compacted and enmeshed with rootlets, the dirt clings tenaciously to the rough granite surface .

I had to start higher up and work my way across and down the face. First I raked it all, then climbed up and made a second pass with the hose.

Of course I wore a climbing harness and was tied off with a heavy rope to a stout tree above for safety, so as to not end up...

...on the rocks 40 feet below.

A few snapshots of the scenery while I'm here...

And then it's done; I'm back up to see if it looks any


It's always good to reveal what's already there, but if I didn't make a point of pointing it out, I might have to wait for a returning discerning to find out if anyone besides me noticed it.


John said...

What a unique view this must have allowed you. It speaks to the natural worlds ability to grow new life wherever the smallest opportunity affords itself.

From your stories I can appreciate no two days are alike. Thanks for the story

Jeannette said...

It looks great....and as it is with so much care and beautification, if it is done properly, it won't be noticed...but the cared for feature will simply speak its beauty. If a need task is not done, the need is noticed.