Thursday, May 6, 2010

Efflorescence repair

Infilterating rainwater migrates through the granite & mortar walls, and the interior plaster, driving salts left in the plaster sand out through the interior paint in blisters that bubble the surface of the walls in many places throughout the house.

The exterior has been mostly waterproofed, so I can begin to make cosmetic repairs to selected areas in turn. This involves scraping and peeling away all affected plastered surfaces,

applying an efflorescence treatment and primer coat of paint,

patching pitted areas with new plaster,

wet sanding and hand-rubbing the new plaster to smooth it...

a second coat with textured primer, and final color coats to match existing finished surfaces. Wow, amazing how easy it is to fit all that into one sentence...wish it was that easy to actually do!
Here is the "before" picture:

and the "after":

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