Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good neighbors do good fences make...

The recent storm we had almost blew the fence over. Three 4x6 posts broke at ground level where they were buried in 2 feet of concrete. The fence was left leaning precariously onto some young treelings.

I removed several fence boards on either side of the posts and extracted any nails from 2x4 rails into posts. The 8 foot wide sections of fence mounted on 2x4 horizontal rails were then lifted out of the way and the broken posts removed. Instead of digging out the enormous concrete bulks that held the original posts, and remixing and pouring concrete, I opted to extract the remaining semi-rotted wood from the existing concrete pilings, leaving a 4 x 6 shaped cavity into which I can insert new posts. Then I'll re-install the railed sections of fence.

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