Friday, April 10, 2009

Nice pipes

I know it's not pretty, but these are the things we all depend on to bring life flowing out of our faucets anymore.
I noticed a drop in our water pressure 3 days ago, about the same time the creek outside the cottage began flowing with a happily gurgling bubbler of fresh-looking water, which it never does unless it's raining hard. A call was made to the local water company...2 days later the water was still flowing and our pressure was about 60% of normal. Another call brought action; first one water company employee, then another, but they couldn't find the source. Then today four trucks filled our driveway and they all went trooping off up the hill across the highway with shovels and boots. When the water completely shut down at the tap, I knew they were onto something. A short time later the water pressure was back to normal. They found a 2 inch pipe that was corroded through at the threads in 2 places of different fittings, and which had already been patched once before.

I hope to have a water catchment dam built for the next time, and I do miss that gurgling sound of water. What will we do if the pipes run dry and no one comes out to fix them?

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