Thursday, April 9, 2009

the aforementioned shelves go up

In a large walk-in storage closet there is a irregularly shaped corner that is hard to utilize efficiently.
Using a cardboard template, I shaped 3 shelves to mount on the wall, and solved an overcrowding satisfying!


Jeannette said...

Nature loves a vacuum.

Mark said...

Aristotle is credited with postulating that "nature abhors a vacuum" , agreeing with ancient Parmenides that first argued that a void could not occur in nature.
According to wikipedia, "Otto von Guericke in 1650 built and designed the world's first vacuum pump and created the world's first ever vacuum known as the Magdeburg hemispheres. He was driven to make a vacuum in order to disprove Aristotle's long-held supposition that 'Nature abhors a vacuum'."
It is a curious coincidence that one of the main things that motivated me to build these shelves is the multiple vacuum machines that are housed in that closet, and all their accessories make for a clutter, thus requiring shelves for their proper storage. Nature may not abhor vacuum machines after all, but I certainly do.