Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting to the root of the problem...

There are technological advances that help us in the most primitive of our endeavors. The sewer camera is one of these. A video camera on the end of a long cable, inserted into the sewer pipe gives you a first-hand tour through some places you never want to go(no pun intended). But how else could you find the blockage that keeps interrupting otherwise festive or restful gatherings of family & friends? Such a tool lets you know exactly where to dig. Unfortunately, for me that place was under 2 feet of solid rock and mortar. Fortunately, I had the wherewithal to tackle the blockage to the blockage.

A series of holes perforate the rock along the line where I want it to break.

Jack hammer along the desired fracture line.

And the big rock is set aside to be re-installed later.

Some careful chipping away at the rock and mortar below is necessary

to reveal the root of our problem...

The smaller black ABS plastic pipe terminates just inside the hub of the clay pipe. It was sealed with mortar, which allowed roots into the juncture and then to proliferate into a clump that interferes with the free flow of...whatever. A more perfect union is highly anticipated.

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