Wednesday, September 24, 2008

repairs to greenhouse windows

The south facing windows of the greenhouse courtyard are glazed the old-fashioned way. Single panes of glass set in wood sash and secured with painted oil-based putty. Over time and exposure to the elements the putty dries out and, with seasonal movement of the wooden sash and penetration by moisture, begins to fall out in large chunks. As the wood is being re-oiled, I am replacing the faulty glazing putty as we go. Here, upon close inspection, you can see the areas around the glass that are white fresh putty (which must cure in-place before painting). This is an arcane skill that I learned years ago, and relearned hours ago, and which will slowly disappear like a lost language as aging wood windows wither and wane. These windows will be among the last to wane, being constructed of red gum eucalyptus and re-oiled every 18-24 months. Click on the image for a close inspection.

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