Friday, March 21, 2008

a good Friday for adding compost and planting

We set out snow peas and snap peas, sage, more strawberries, red onions and butter lettuce.  One of the compost bins has matured so I screened it and added it into the beds.  The best compost I ever made, this stuff was richly dark, had only a very faint odor of clean natural soil, and was uniformly loamy and evenly textured.  I'll dismantle the emptied bin, clean it up and reassemble it for another round.  The two bin system works well.
We found the asparagus bed ravaged by some rude critter, fat spears abruptly broken off and missing.  We suspected racoons, squirrels, even the usual Gideon, but later I found a clear deer print off to on side of the path next to the bed.  We're planning countermeasures...stay tuned.
Harvesting great radishes, carrots, kale, chard, parsley and lettuce.  Still growing: garlic, onions, other lettuce, spinach.  Angel transplanted the artichokes to an adjacent bed and put them in their own gopher-proof baskets.  They get so huge they take over the raised beds.

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