Saturday, March 22, 2008

deer proof?

We'll see if this arrangement works to deprive the deer of the asparagus.  There is bird netting draped down the frame.  It doesn't show in the first photo, so I include the second to reveal it.  Each side of bird net drape is stapled to a 1x2 stick that snags on the lip of the raised bed when a "probing proboscis" presses against the netting, but easily lifts over the top of the frame to allow the gardener access.  I'll see if this proves effective before I do the other beds.

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TomStarling said...

Great idea!If it doesn't work you might want to consider a commercial deer repellent. Companies such as Bird-X, Inc. offer pretty effective products that are both safe for the deer and the environment. So it won't kill them, just make them not like your asparagus.