Saturday, August 1, 2015


date 07-30-15

This firepit, bench and patio...

and the general surroundings 

ended up reminding me of how much work  

we put into this place, and how relieved to get to just walk around and look...


and reflect on...

the arc of time

and slow fire sunsets

the paths, the bridges

the destinations...


stones go round down 

 to the sea

Behind these closed doors

the fire burns slowly

  it's all a gift

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This post serves to alert the unsuspecting browser (you) that this blog is an historical document in dormancy. No active posts are being added regarding current goings-on at SeaRock.
But all the old posts remain, dating from 2007 through 2013, though our term began in October of 2006.
The details of past daily goings-on that are here documented  remain accessible to the curious or inquisitive reader regarding this unique and enduringly fascinating property.

Our stint at SeaRock as hosts, managers, and caretakers concluded October 1, 2013.
Seasons change in the fullness of time, and that one successfully came to term and was delivered.
In the ensuing year and a half, we have returned to our haunts of old, the more sedate and mundane life of obscurity that the rich and famous so long for and envy. :)

Others have bravely continued on where we left off. Their trail may be harder to pick up than ours. But I've left these bread crumbs for folks who are curious or have a particular interest in the architecture and heritage SeaRock embodies. I probably know this place better than any living person, though there is much to know about it that I do not.

Just a few helpful reminders:

1) Each post is a "snapshot". Context of the overall "gestalt" of SeaRock will become apparent only in perusing larger blocks of blog posts. For those unfamiliar with how blogs work (or at least this one) see here (click on the link): viewing the blog.

2) Said context is readily accessible by clicking the "older posts" link at the bottom of each page. The further back you go, the more potential for interest. To see the very first blog entry, click here:
The Sea Rocks!
From there you can navigate to subsequent posts using the Blog Archive table of contents along the left margin.
Time travel illustrated

3) Genuine comments are still welcome.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where to end...begin?

When I don't know where to end or begin, I must first be where I am, and that is the only place to begin, end and transit, the only place there is.

And I won't be sufficient to the task, so if I confess that up front, perhaps I will get some help from my Supplier.
When the sun sets, the stars appear...the planets, other worlds, our world, 

Some talk of other universes...
Ever been in one of 'em? Me neither.
So I'll leave that subject for deeper minds. This one is quite huge enough to boggle mine. 
Even the little places we've called home fill me up to the brim and I overflow. 
I will miss this spot. 
We made a fire pit here where we could sit and "watch it roll", gather with friends, make a meal together...
 Make memories together...treasures...
I will carry them with me where ever I all, you know who you are, go with me, with us...
Will you come and find us where we are now? let's make some new memories! 
 Dear Faisal, solid Suleman, sweet Lena, noble Bashar, able Abner.
Many, many others. Blago, Susan and David, Angel and Victoria, Debbie and Stan, Steve(RIP), Katie, Klaas, Peter and Sarah and Will Courage!
We'll meet again, with certainty. 

The cottage is emptied, purged of us. 
It felt like the inside of a whale that swallowed us for a while, then 
 burped us out onto solid ground again!
My inspiration and motivation:

 at Inspiration Point on the way to a promised land...
 And we have landed! We are perched on new edges now repleat with new perspectives on older treasures.
Can we get younger as we grow older? Where shall we begin?!
Right here. Right now. Right?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sunset on SeaRock

The sun is setting on our days here...
 " prepared...

 to fix what breaks."
Some of our works require constant repair, are in perpetual decay, yet have an enduring Something...
pixie dust? not exactly.

...Somethings are better broken...

 Every sunset means Day is breaking just over the horizon.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Cloak of Invisibility

The Visible is the Cloak of the Invisible

A few years back I was caretaker of a several acre granite outcrop on the central California coast. Waves crashing on granite of the western border; the Pacific Ocean. The eastern border, just outside the stone  wall of our cottage, was Highway 1. . , cars crashing on granite was the norm there.

Every few weeks I'd walk out to the south end of the place,

 just below the turn out on the highway... I turned out also, then, and looked up at this hand-lettered sand-blasted redwood sign with a puzzled look on my face and read it aloud as if to myself in a questioning tone, "...thank you for not littering"? and then proceeded to pick up trash left by turn out visitors.
Actual trash picked up there
 No one was bothered by my activity because i wore a cloak of invisibility. Only seldom is someone with super powers present taking in the view. Literacy and being able to see the invisible are both super powers.
Also a super power is recognition of Ents (see above).
Now, it might be assumed that Ents never ever would appreciate sharpened steel, but i'm here to tell you otherwise. Ever seen me in serious need of a haircut? 
When you break an arm, do you leave it hanging?
(Konstantine the Magnificent)

 or call for "appropriate love"?
Such person-ification helped in a most unusual way and also in usual ways, to prepare a broken arm for a sling swing

that enjoys the same view as that of the highway turn out above: 


My own view was improving by the step a few days later...
as i approached my kindred timber..
(2 separate links)

Watching us from the OTHER turn out, or "lay by", seen above just to the left of my own "flesh and blo", in the distance...

the original Seal Team Six wearing their cloak of invisibility (i had temporarily acquired an additional superpower that day, which i now share here with you).

If you don't see all six it's because there's some attenuation of the superpower signal when shared online.
For example, the other day we saw a pod of whales having an anchovy picnic for hours, circling and cavorting, and i even saw a full breach, real, like on tv, first time in 7 years. It's pictured above, but they too were wearing their cloaks, so the only evidence is the hump back seen in the distance above.
One of the interesting things about the cloak of invisibility is that you still cast a shadow when wearing it. 
Can you tell? Here's a close up to help: 

It helps to have so many distractions nearby for viewers to focus on:

There are other creatures about, wearing cloaks, but you often can tell when they've been around... 

On a certain level, it all circles around like a grand anchovy picnic, and at each level
there are kinships and reunions...
...and it all flows downhill, greening and nourishing the earth,
and returns to the sea to follow the sun, to rise again in altered aspect.
The cloak of invisibility is really a coat of many colors.