Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where to end...begin?

When I don't know where to end or begin, I must first be where I am, and that is the only place to begin, end and transit, the only place there is.

And I won't be sufficient to the task, so if I confess that up front, perhaps I will get some help from my Supplier.
When the sun sets, the stars appear...the planets, other worlds, our world, 

Some talk of other universes...
Ever been in one of 'em? Me neither.
So I'll leave that subject for deeper minds. This one is quite huge enough to boggle mine. 
Even the little places we've called home fill me up to the brim and I overflow. 
I will miss this spot. 
We made a fire pit here where we could sit and "watch it roll", gather with friends, make a meal together...
 Make memories together...treasures...
I will carry them with me where ever I all, you know who you are, go with me, with us...
Will you come and find us where we are now? let's make some new memories! 
 Dear Faisal, solid Suleman, sweet Lena, noble Bashar, able Abner.
Many, many others. Blago, Susan and David, Angel and Victoria, Debbie and Stan, Steve(RIP), Katie, Klaas, Peter and Sarah and Will Courage!
We'll meet again, with certainty. 

The cottage is emptied, purged of us. 
It felt like the inside of a whale that swallowed us for a while, then 
 burped us out onto solid ground again!
My inspiration and motivation:

 at Inspiration Point on the way to a promised land...
 And we have landed! We are perched on new edges now repleat with new perspectives on older treasures.
Can we get younger as we grow older? Where shall we begin?!
Right here. Right now. Right?