Friday, October 14, 2011

revisiting the dry stream bed
The work laid down last year proved inadequate. This year's new & improved version involves mortar and metal lath.  After digging out the impacted streambed of dirt-encrusted river rock, I excavated an additional couple of inches deep for shelves on either side of the deeper drain trench. After placing an edge of wet mortar and a cut sheet of expanded metal lath on the shelf with additiional mortar then placed atop the lath, river stone is placed into the wet mortar in a fluid pattern:
The pattern fills in and forms a swale in the path that diverts rain run-off in a less erosive manner.
A couple larger granite stones are used to block out drainage ports in the trench...
They can be pulled to provide direct drainage to the trench.

Some stepping stones are left in the bed for footing and reinforcing. After initial washing, the contours of the stream bed are revealed...
...after another washing
later tonight, the stream bed will be finished and ready for the rainy season, to see if it sheds the rain and stops erosion along the path.

I can hardly wait to see what the unintended consequences will be.


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