Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Room with no name

"Room 5" just doesn't capture the ambience of this sun-washed, granite tile floored chamber in the greenhouse. I solicit your suggestions. I spent an hour or so in here today tending the plants, especially the heartleaf philodendrons in the hanging holder on the wall. It had been hanging down and trailing along the bench. Today I decided to place some brass hooks up on the rafter above that is in the plane of the wall.
 What do you think? I think it's a slightly less cluttered look, and it allows room for a colorful geranium on the bench below. The idea would be to continue training the plant to vine along the rafter up & down and then let it cascade gently over the wall . It's actually too hot and sunny of a room for this plant, but that goes for most of the other plants in here as well. There's just no where else to put them and still have them in the greenhouse. The split leaf monstrosa philodendrons flanking the heartleaf feel the same way...and yet they reportedly don't like being moved. So I think I'm going to opt for adding some form of shade screen either to the south facing window wall or the glazed ceiling, which already has curtains sheilding some of the solar gain. For a look at the other end of the "room in need of a moniker":

Two ficus trees, a sago palm and on a pedestal behind the sago, a goldfish plant. On the right in the foreground is a string of hearts nesting on a wall-mounted wooden box that conceals the temp/humidity sensors and air circ. fan.  There's also a cushioned wicker chair and an antique dutch table with a wicker stool furnishing the room. So, I invite your ideas for a well-fitted name for this space and an opinion or two regarding the feng shui (or as one friend calls it, sinn fein ;)

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Jeannette said...

Plant room five does need a name....

The Reading Room
The Ficus Den
Fog Retreat
Passage Sweet ? or Suite