Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Finished Project

The last of the windows and doors has been refinished. What a great feeling to get to the end of a large project that has been overdue.
The teak had been weathered dull and lifeless. After sanding, the beauty of the wood popped right back out from hiding just under the surface. Scraping the muntins was a tedious, exacting procedure requiring care to not scratch the glass. A special tool was fashioned to fit the irregular profile of the muntins. 

Then the 'teak oil' goes on and there's a very nice payoff in appearance and the knowledge that these 90 year old doors and windows are equipped to face a few more winters of coastal weather. As we worked, rusted hinges were oiled, missing mouldings replaced, repairs to rot or bug damage were made, nails reset, leaks inventory of lesser items for future work orders. The successful accomplishment of a lengthy project like this adds a little incentive for me to do these finishing touches, kind of like icing on the cake.
Special mention goes to Peter, who soldiered on with this project for weeks until completion, doing a first rate job. Thank you, Peter. Without your help, it wouldn't have gotten finished for who knows how long!

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