Friday, May 6, 2011

Fireplace repair

About 90 years ago, this fireplace was crafted under the guidance of Charles Sumner Greene.
With each new fire, more brick exfoliated and crumbled from the back wall and the floor.

A local mason was selected who happens to know the original family who owned this home, and repairs were undertaken.
First, a shroud is placed to contain the dust from demolition:

All of the badly deteriorated brick was removed up to a level line, revealing the granite wall structure behind:

Then, fire brick is laid up using high temperature mortar, 
....course upon course....

...until they're all in...
Then the floor is flooded with a fresh bath of hi-temp mortar.

After a week or two of curing, the fireplace will be ready for another century.


John said...

A nice project, after a fire or three the new brick should blend in quite nicely and all will be as before.

Mark said...

Except for the crumbles, we hope! Thanks, John!