Saturday, April 23, 2011

Repairing furniture

This bedframe is an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship by an extraordinary craftsman. However, it wasn't designed by someone who has to make up the bed. So difficult! And somewhat prone to breaking by the average occupant. This isn't the first time I've repaired this joint, but it's a more serious effort to avoid further iterations.

Small holes about the diameter of round wooden toothpicks are drilled at an angle through the joints in question, from the back side where they won't show, and beginning above the joint in one piece of wood and ending below the joint in the other piece, but without daylighting. Then glue is applied into the holes using a glue syringe.

Glue is also applied to the face of the joints where they mate up, and then the wooden toothpicks are inserted into the holes, aligning the joint and providing a 'splint' to reinforce the joint.

As I push in the toothpick at one hole that happens to line up with the decorative inlay wood square below the joint, glue squeezes out of that joint, telling me I have good glue penetration and a perfectly stopped hole drilled to receive the toothpick. ( I love these silly details!)

Wipe up excess glue with a damp rag, apply a clamp,

cut off the excess toothpicks, and stain the tips of them to match the teak wood...

and it's done:

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