Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Buttoning up

A few days have passed and the 'copper green' fumes have dissipated. No further pellets have been spotted on the granite patio below, so it's time to close it up.

The t &g redwood soffit boards lay up easily and get nailed off with the finish nailer:

In a few minutes it's all done. You can't even tell anything was done.



John said...

I sure hope you got them, and there is not more evidence in parts of the room you can't get to. Good luck.

Mark said...

I know. I realize I can't be sure given the limited opening up I did. Around here the termites swarm regularly and in profusion. There is so much food source for them. But the prospect of tenting the greenhouse seems unwarranted, given how little edible wood it contains, the cost and the toxicity of the gas involved. I'm content to keep a watchful eye and do such spots repairs as become necessary. The other reason I think I nailed 'em is because they targeted a spot where a potted tree sits in the round room and it's sometimes overwatered. They need a source of water to survive in the house. Henceforth that pot will be elevated from the floor on a castered dolly.