Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall back

Time hiccups in the middle of the night (Daylight savings time). The segue from fall to winter intensifies.But the firewood is laid up and sheltered, the roof has been cleaned and patched, a few more stepping stones have been planted in the dirt path leading to and from the cottage door.

Meanwhile, the kitchen garden is changing. Strawberries are quieting down, though carrots are still progressing nicely, green beans and zuccini are history.

A huge tide came in the other night and washed away a tree that had fallen in a rock slide last spring from the towering pinnacle of granite swept on either side by ocean surf in the south ravine:The tree had been companion to the other lonely sentinels still hanging on up there. Actually two trees had come down on that night last April, but one was small and was buried in fallen rock and so, still remains. Here is how things looked before that night:

From the right foot of the bluff you can just see the smaller tree low down and the larger one above it midway up.
Here, both are visible as well as the "hanger on" still at the top. We were lifting stone that day and you can see the load being hoisted up to the zipline above.

...the "hanger on":

Here are some photos from the morning after:

the larger tree:

The tide that came in the other night flattened that heap...tons of granite visible in a pile at the foot of the pinnacle in the photos above. Just levelled the playing field and took that fallen tree when it left. We labor to lift a few pounds of rock and marvel at ourselves when we get a couple hundred pounds up for various landscaping projects.

But there seems to be no limits to or stopping a force of nature, or the march of time.

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