Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whale bone mystery

About 2 months ago, I was standing in the spot from which the photo below was taken and I saw a small white object on the cliffside in the distance. "Another plastic bag has blown in", I thought, but yet, I was uncertain. It looked more substantial than that. "Weathered styrofoam, perhaps." ..."or...bone?...nah."

The mysterious object was perched on the cliff, pictured above, in the middle distance, at a point approximately where the driveway visible in the far distance disappears behind said cliff. Below is a close up shot of the spot, just below that cypress shrub, where the object was located, about 50 feet above the waters edge.

Scrambling down the ice plant covered slope yesterday, with Angel watching over me from above, I was bemused and amazed to find... a whale vertebra!

How long has it been there? How did it get there? How old is it? What kind of whale and what part of the whale's spine is it from? Where is the rest of the whale's skeleton?

This is the view northward, from the whale bone's perspective, back towards the spot where I first stood and saw it gleaming in the sun.