Thursday, December 31, 2009

Repairing a path light

When night falls, darkness renders Searock formidable and dangerous. For this reason we are equipped with path lighting to render the darkness penetrable to all.

Here is one of our helpers who needs help...

...more than just a change of bulbs, the socket has corroded(click photo for closeup). Note the fragment of mica (just below the removed wire connectors) that formed the cap to the old socket where the pins of the bulb plugged in.

You can see it better below by comparing the new socket (bottom) to the old:

In the preceeding photo, the old socket has already been removed from the bracket and the new one put in its place using those 2 small screws. Below, you can see the new socket on the bracket (at right) wire-nutted to the conductor wires and silicone has been squeezed into the nut ends to seal the connection from moisture.

Now the socket and bracket have been re-inserted into the housing, and it's ready to have a new bulb put in:

Let there be...


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