Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quadruped caretakers


: Gideon


Abby (Absinthe):

This quartet.... 3 cats and a dog, are or have been on staff here, helping us in a variety of ways. Phoebe, Kitty Bumpkins and Abby, on rodent abatement duty, have done a fine job of getting the place under control. Abby brought her formidable skills to bear here for about a year, but has now moved on to greener pastures. Gideon is our vigilant sentry, announcing comings and goings, and keeping a friendly smile and bark for all guests.


Sarah Beth said...

Aw the furry helpers. Love the picture of Gideon he is ridiculously cute.

Jeannette said...

At first I thought the post was going to be about the the caretakers of the quadrapeds,but I see you were actully lauding the help they give us; maybe I will remind you of this from time to time when you are feeling ...well you know. But truly the biggest help I get is in their companionship and even given all "the two legged" does that stands true again.

prashant said...

wow...what a picture...

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