Thursday, November 5, 2009

Closure on the fence repair episode

So, the wind had finished breaking off the base of three fence posts after some years of rot had weakened them.

Rather than remove the concrete, I just removed the rotted wood left embedded in it, leaving a post-shaped hole in a large, buried mass of concrete. The cavities were over 2 feet deep.

Rough redwood posts vary in their dimension, and the newer posts were slightly larger than the old, so I made adjustments accordingly. Once you start to slide the new post into the old hole, it has to fit right the first try. It gets wedged in quickly, and I treated each post with "copper-green" to retard rot and termites, so I wasn't going to be trimming these posts to fit after soaking them in poison.

The 2x4 rails are fitted into 2x4 holes notched into the posts. Here's how its done: layout the notch; score around it with a chisel; break out the top layer of wood with the chisel; plow out the rest with a drill and chainsaw...from both sides...

Here's a new post ready for the rail & fence sections to be re-fitted:

All finished:

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Jeannette said...

You make it sound easier than how hard I saw you working. Nice Job.