Thursday, October 15, 2009

straight is the gate, narrow the way

And few there be that find it.

These are a few of the elect that passed by as we were throwing downed storm brush onto the truck for a dump run. Couldn't bother to take a picture of them all, too many and too spread out.

The scorpions are always there too, of course, only you're not always aware of them. Two of these, however, I became aware of, and they were dispatched.

There were several carpets damp from ambient moisture related to the recent storm, so we threw them out into the sun, that great, beneficent disinfectant that shines on the just and the unjust.


Sarah Beth said...

I enjoyed your allegorical post!

Wow, look at those scorpions... you know, I have never seen one in person. I'd rather see a mountain lion...

Jeannette said...

Everyone wanted to come in during the storm...including quite a few droplets of moisture. We got off easy, didn't we, and the sun has been grand to face the aftermath.