Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our first el nino

Oh, yeah, I remember now what winter is about...branches and trees shards everywhere, wind-blown water leaking in at every windward window and door and a few places you would never have figured, the awareness that we are at the mercy of nature, and thankful for a change into dry clothes. As a kid, I exulted in these displays of nature's power, and as an (alleged) adult I find I am no less impressed. I used to excurt to rivulets and mudslides, launching matchbox boats on perilous rapids, exploring vast uncharted regions of natural wonders unshielded from natural consequence. Today our first seasonal storm arrived somewhat early and delivered a significant blow to our habitat. Branches and trees are down, water intrudes, and wind & rain cleanse the air and the upper strata of the biosphere of detritus and whatever is too weak to remain...the rest presumably strengthened. We are confined to the cabin except for the occasional foray out to assess and mitigate damages. Tomorrow the sun will come out and we can begin to assist in the continued cleanup.

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Sarah Beth said...

As you move about cleaning up with appreciation for nature's forces, please move with some measure of care too. Searocks get slippery when they are wet and alleged adults fall harder than alleged children!

Here in San Diego it is dry, but cool. There are no slippery stones for me to navigate or leaking windows to fix. But metaphorically, I'm being careful of those things too, in my life.

I love and miss you and think of you every day.