Thursday, August 27, 2009

trap door

This marble door beneath the vanity sink conceals the drain plumbing. It weighs about 60 pounds. There is a humorous story about it getting broken, twice, before our tenure here began, but I won't go into that, other than to say it has been reinforced with embedded steel bars epoxied into slots cut into the back side.

A recent unsuspecting guest mistook that latch handle for the water faucet, since the actual faucet is semi-remote from the carved marble "sea-dragon" spout. The door merely sits loosely in the opening and the latch at the top keeps it from falling outward. One rather bruised shin later, the marble door was broken 'anew'.

With some epoxy and a bit of super glue, it was patched back together...

and re-set in place, this time with a discreet label which reads, "DO NOT OPEN!"

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