Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the seat of my edge

Time: the dynamic changing or shifting of the date of the present, directionally invariant.
Funny how some vantage points convey the idea of timelessness even while entropy inexorably accrues.

Entropy mandated some attention be paid to this vantage point. It was beginning to slide down the hill, marking time.

A steel pipe pounded into the ground and strapped to the bench at both sides. It didn't take much time at all.

When you sit down in these seats, you lean back, expecting to come to rest against the upright part of the seat, but you keep going back another few inches until you're REALLY sitting back. This bench mandates a fully surrendered relaxation, worthy of the view and ideas of timelessness. I'll have to come back and try it when I have more time.


Jeannette said...

and fortunately it is a two seater.... : > )

Mark said...

Meet me there at 4:35