Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rebuilding the refrigerator

The advantage of having a commercial refrigerator is that you can have any worn-out parts replaced without having to buy a whole new refrigerator. The disadvantage is that having the parts replaced will cost you more than a conventional consumer refrigerator.

In this case the heaviest chunk of metal on the condensing unit is the fitting that is leaking refrigerant. If the heaviest part is corroded from salt air, what does that tell you about the life-expectancy of the rest of the unit? The evaporative component inside the refrigerator cabinet was also leaking and one of the two fans inside it was non-operative.

So it was also replaced...

Interestingly, the technician told me that foods such as tomatoes, lemons, pickles or other acidic foods left uncovered in the refrig will emit acids that will attack the copper piping that carries the refrigerant and can cause leaks. Cover your leftovers!



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