Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother goose

From a safe and respectful distance I keep an eye on her progress. I used the binoculars and the zoom to capture the moment. You can see the wings of an interloper gull just behind her and below the rock's edge.

Later in the evening I suddenly realize the nest is abandoned. I rush out to see if the egg(s) is still intact.

At least one is just barely visible beneath a layer of down. Gulls circle menacingly all around me as I look for mother to return. She's nowhere in sight. After a while the gulls recede, and I
decide I must too, for mother goose may not return if I am nearby.
Just before sundown I see that she is back at her station. I think about her sitting through the night in the cold wind and salt spray, but I guess it's okay if you've got a down comforter.

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