Tuesday, April 7, 2009

incongruity happens...

We had an inexplicable water pressure drop this morning, and the creek was full-flowing suspiciously. It usually is dry unless there is a significant rain. I think there is a break in some water main up the hill across the street. So, after calling the local water agency, I went across the street and up the hill to see what I could see. I met a neighbor in his bathrobe taking a walk whose picture I wish I'd taken, who told me about a turkey he saw. He rambled on a bit and we wished each other good day. Then I saw another turkey.

Then I was arrested with this:

How'd you like to see that coming to scoop you up?

I didn't learn anything about the water, but it's still flowing and the water company is sending out a response crew to investigate. It's a drought, ya know! Gotta get my water catchment dam built! There's free water flowing!

On a different note, I proudly harvested our daily asparagus (alright, belatedly a day late) and show it off here before we ate it all up!


SB said...

I like the wiggly asparagus. wow you had an another exciting day at searock! :)

Mark said...

I like that one too. It's like, asparagus?