Wednesday, April 29, 2009

En la Casa verde

This String of Hearts plant, also called the Rosary Vine, needed repotting. I naively took it on, only to find that heart strings get entangled very easily. But with patience and tenderness, they were gently disentangled. The ceropegia woodii is native to Zimbabwe and South Africa, likes full light and moderate water.

Below is adenium obesum, commonly called Desert-rose, native to eastern and southern Africa.
This one is beloved of the mealy bugs, and lost it's leaves after an overzealous application of (eco-friendly) ultra-fine oil in the full sun. So it's in the infirmary where we've been picking the mealies off individually, and spraying it with a 25% solution of 70% rubbing alcohol, which it tolerates quite well. Now it's about to bloom, so I'll post another picture later on.

Our mystery plant, which I'm dubbing the AKA plant (also known as). Just a few possibilities:
ctenanthe; stromanthe, cordyline tricolor, calathea triostar, prayer plant, never never plant. It was not doing too well until I started misting it daily and shaded it from direct sunlight. Now it's blooming. One of my favorites, I'd love to see it flourish.

Behind the coffee tree, I planted this split leaf philodendron, monstera delicioso.

We divided up this calathea rosiopicta into four different pots. Another favorite.

A fan palm repotted into a tall square pot is making a comeback.

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