Saturday, March 28, 2009

geese, gull, gills, goldfish and scorpion

These two were having a discussion in loud terms this morning about where to nest, but still, they were trying to keep it private...

Then, I noticed an eavesdropper...these gulls have been known to be very brutal about denying the Canada Geese the priviledge of seeing their young ones hatch, and then moving right into the dispossessed nest.

These may be Giant Cypress Agaricus, or maybe Honey Mushroom, I'm not good enough yet at mushroom identification. Any experts out there wanna help me out?

Nematanthus gregarius, goldfish plant:

...lives in the greenhouse and likes high humidity and lots of light, though it has a 'dormant' phase where it prefers less water or else it drops a lot of leaves.

Yikes! Someone encountered a live scorpion in the house! I'm thinking it hitchhiked in on some firewood, though I always bang each piece on the pile before I load it onto the cart to knock off various undesirable Stuff. Otherwise, it's baffling. Where there's one, is there another? I'll look into getting a blacklight, because scorpions fluoresce or glow under ultra-violate light so they are easy to find with the aid of a black light during the night. I'll be tippy-toeing around the house in the middle of the night with my blacklight so guests will feel comfortable and safe.

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