Friday, February 27, 2009

Seven Steps

These steps of Carmel stone get mossy and slippery when wet for prolonged periods. Sometimes I kind of skateboard/surf down them without benefit of a skate- or surfboard. In my career I've developed a subconscious habit of moving over ever-shifting terrain with an anticipation of the possibility of losing my footing or slipping, so I usually can 'go with the flow' when it happens. But it's not a condition I need to repeatedly challenge myself with, or want others to unexpectedly encounter once I've become aware of it. So these steps got the treatment today; a dilute dose of Clorox and a scrub, followed by a high pressure rinse from the hose.

The steps at lower center and those to the left (blend in with wall and are hard to see) in the shot above also got the treatment. There are enough slippery slopes around already without letting the stairs get slippery, too. Know what I mean?

I was wondering what to call this post when I noticed there were 7 steps in the top picture. On a whim I googled "seven steps". 1,220,000 hits. Seven steps to this and seven to that, a million times! These here are just seven steps among many, many more. As long as each step is sure and sound, the next one can be negotiated in turn. Happy surfing!

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Leah said...

I love the buildings... and the steps....