Friday, October 31, 2008

Termites and earthquakes...our Halloween trick-r-treat.


First I saw a few termite pellets, pulled a shingle away from the moist warm area around the dryer vent, and then a cascade of pellets, like I'd hit the jackpot on a Vegas slot machine. Scary Halloween project.
On another note, we covered what would've been a muddy path with what was a cypress tree growing in what would've been an inappropriate place.
After nightfall, and we'd done our trick-or-treating but before we'd settled in...a huge KaBOOM! I ran outside to see where the explosion was while J checked the internet earthquake page. She reported that we'd experienced a 3.2 magnitude quake centered 1 mile away and 6 miles down. The neighbor said she thought an airplane had crashed out front. A quick survey of the premises by flashlight in the dark revealed no damage. We'll see if that holds true in the light of day.

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