Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Welcome to new visitors and old friends. Just two reminders: 1)that at this blog time is the reverse, in a sense, of chronos. The newest posts are encountered first, and as you delve down you travel back in "time". Past is not prologue here, but the "present" is prologue to the past...unless you first click on the archives and scroll to the bottom, and then roll up through "the ages". I find I have to do that occasionally to read some blogs' comments in order to read them in correct time sequence. What a terrific talk I heard the other night re: time and our surviving it, or our attempts to "manage" it. I almost went away filled but unsatisfied, until the gifted speaker spoke of the tension (like on a trampoline) giving us the bounce we need to abide the dynamos of living in space and time as finite creatures who intersect with the infinite Creator. Because like fish in water, we are trapped in time and in the vain human attempt to control it. The best we can do, as we heard, was to "number our days", which effort itself betrays our clock impulse. Oh, yeah, the second reminder...as you time travel here, if you click your "mouse" on a photo you'll find an enlarged version that "less inadequately" conveys the inspiration that called me to snap the picture in the first place.

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