Thursday, May 29, 2008

the first coupla hundred pounds

Still trying to think of an easier way...but this may have to do.  We are getting some very nice rock.

Setting sun



Over the southern ravine I strung a zipline cable 150 feet long with a trolley and a block & tackle 7 storeys above the beach at the bottom of the ravine.  Our mission was to lift a few tons of granite up from the beach to use in landscaping and path building. 


Woody needed a workout, so we drove him down to Bixby bridge. He likes to see things older than he is, makes him feel so modern, especially when the older things look as good as Bixby. He enjoys that long view south from Bixby too.


On a recent morning we were nearly invaded by a flotilla of kayakers. One of our local gull sentinels kept 'em under surveillance. I was turning green, and taking detailed mental notes for future reference on ocean kayaking basics.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Santa Cruz wildfire smoke

The on-shore winds that blew all day have shifted more to the south, so we are seeing the smoke from the Santa Cruz mountains wildfire that started this morning.  Smoke that used to be trees, brush, animals, houses, cars and anything that was in them. 

Friday, May 16, 2008

Internet restored

We had a significant interuption of service for a week and a half, so blogging was curtailed....until now, that is. I'll be posting catch-ups over the next few days. Two new posts are included below.
I replaced the faucet handle for the vanity sink. Actually I had to replace the whole valve, which is concealed behind the wall. The handle that was there was a sorry substitute for the long lost original. This one may not be perfect but the one it replaces was an abomination.


"The only thing that kept it from collapsing was that the termites were all holding hands", a friend of mine has been known to say, referring to some building or another being restored from insect and rot attack. Replacing the bridge's structural elements only, and conserving the well-crafted bench and rustic rail leaves an odd mix of too new and vintage old, so a baking soda wash treatment helps the newer redwood catch up in appearance to the more seasoned part. Some well-placed new plants will help conceal the concrete piers and conduits that still show.