Friday, March 28, 2008

The outfall saga, mission accomplished.

This is what we were looking at in January.

Day 2 as low tide approaches, the crew tackles the remaining pipe and bracket, weighing probably 200 lbs. at least.

As long as nothing goes wrong, this is going great!

From across the cove. Note the stairway emerging from behing the rock at upper left. The big tree at upper right is like a great battle-scarred ent guarding the coast from invading waves.

Grinding the four 1&1/4" stainless steel studs holding the 1" steel plate, holding the two 4"x1/2" u-brackets, holding the 3/8" wall 4" steel pipe

"Haul up the grinder"

It's loose!

"Crank on the come-along!"

Foreman and safety overseer.

Final details. See the pipe laying on rocks at left. Is it my imagination or is the climber sporting a halo?

Yeah something's definitely glowing.

Remnants not likely to be noticed from your house. Could come in handy, tho', in some unlikely scenario.

That's much nicer, thank you!

It feels good, and as a bonus, right, to remove an eyesore that serves
no purpose.
Our thanks to Skip, Terry, the Highlands, Dan, DMC Construction, Derek,
Joe, Bill, Pedro, Victor, Angel, and Gideon.
Good job, there's nothing to show for your work!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Removing the outfall line

The abandoned sewer line that comes from one neighbor's property is
being removed, restoring the pristine view of the portion of the
property visible from the highway and from
another neighbor's field of view. Hard work is not often this much fun.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter blooms


deer proof?

We'll see if this arrangement works to deprive the deer of the asparagus.  There is bird netting draped down the frame.  It doesn't show in the first photo, so I include the second to reveal it.  Each side of bird net drape is stapled to a 1x2 stick that snags on the lip of the raised bed when a "probing proboscis" presses against the netting, but easily lifts over the top of the frame to allow the gardener access.  I'll see if this proves effective before I do the other beds.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Beesy spring day

Running to get a tool from the greenhouse, on my way back to the main, I suddenly realized I'd just breezed by an amazing little scene.  I stopped in my tracks, and caught this little worker focusing on business, breezing right past me.

a good Friday for adding compost and planting

We set out snow peas and snap peas, sage, more strawberries, red onions and butter lettuce.  One of the compost bins has matured so I screened it and added it into the beds.  The best compost I ever made, this stuff was richly dark, had only a very faint odor of clean natural soil, and was uniformly loamy and evenly textured.  I'll dismantle the emptied bin, clean it up and reassemble it for another round.  The two bin system works well.
We found the asparagus bed ravaged by some rude critter, fat spears abruptly broken off and missing.  We suspected racoons, squirrels, even the usual Gideon, but later I found a clear deer print off to on side of the path next to the bed.  We're planning countermeasures...stay tuned.
Harvesting great radishes, carrots, kale, chard, parsley and lettuce.  Still growing: garlic, onions, other lettuce, spinach.  Angel transplanted the artichokes to an adjacent bed and put them in their own gopher-proof baskets.  They get so huge they take over the raised beds.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

both ends of the sunset

Welcome, and farewell, first day of Spring.  Where ever this sun rises, may the light of hope and embedded commitment to renewed life it evinces overcome darkness, disease, disaster and despair in human affairs and remind us to reflect light towards one another, not just heat.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Annual visitors

These two show up each year about this time and make family on Searock.