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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time, and space, move on; elements show endurance.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Storm damages

Numerous branches and several trees came down in yesterday's storm. No major disasters, thank heaven. A window was blown open and broken by high winds, a large tree came down and almost wiped out the sewer pump controller, a large chunk of real estate slid into the ocean(see previous post), and a neighbor's unsightly sewer line that runs across the southern end to outfall in the ocean was dismembered. This latter is a blessing because in notifying the neighbor, we were informed that the line is no longer active and so is now slated for removal.

A Bridge to Nowhere

Compare these two photos taken about 6 months apart; the first in July of last year, the second, earlier today. The storm that swept in yesterday, swept out with a natural stone bridge that Roger & I once climbed across to the far rock outcropping. I'd planned to do so again when I got a chance, but I think that opportunity has slipped away. BTW, this was the first photo posted to this blog.